Holiday Tales Part One: The Simch Quest!

The Sims Social has released its Holiday quest! You do not need much materials and neighbors to complete this quest! This quest has five parts, so it will be very simple to complete. When you complete this quest you will be rewarded a Gingerbread Man worth 12 SimCash and 1750 House Value!

Neighbors Needed: 2
Maximum Amount of Simoleans Needed: 800
Maximum Amount of Social Points Needed: 0
Ingredients Needed: Candy Canes, Goodwill, Dreams and Ornaments
Objects Needed: Holiday Toasting Set
Rewards: 140 Simoleans, 95 Life Time Points, 15 Social Points, 85 XP, 2 Energy  

Description: 'The Holiday Season I find such a bore, I am going to cast a spell so it wont snow anymore.'
Ingredients Needed: Candy Canes

Part One, 1/3 - Have Candy Canes:  Collect Candy Canes (they grow randomly in your yard) or from building "Built-It" trees. You can also request them from your neighbors.

Part One, 2/3 - Bake Cookies at Yours or Bella's Holiday Stove: Click Holiday Stove and the "Back Cookies" three times. You can do this all three times at once with out being board. 

Part One, 3/3 - Tell Sims Not to Expect Snow: Click Sims and Then "Don't Expect Snow" two times. You have to do this with two different Sims.

Description: 'You see, dear friend, scene you asked so sweetly, pay heed to my demands or I'll end the holidays completely!'
Ingredients Needed: Ornaments

Part Two, 1/3 - Warm Yourself at Bella's Holiday Stove: Click Holiday Stove (Check Bella's) then 'Warm Yourself' five times. You can do this all five times at once with out being board. 

Part Two, 2/3 - Collect Ornaments From the Yard: Collect Ornaments from snow cardinals, snow rabbits and pine cones (Check Yard).

Part Two, 3/3 - Search Book Shelf for Weather Changing Book: Click bookshelves the 'Find Weather Changing Book' three times. You can do this all three times at once with out being board. 


Description: 'So, now were settled, our plans can begin. We need goodwill and dreams... oh and pieces of string!'
Ingredients Needed: Goodwill, Dreams 

Part Three, 1/3 - Have Goodwill: Do nice things with Sims for goodwill. You can also request them from your neighbors.

Part  Three , 2/3 - Have Dreams: Collect dreams from sleeping actions. You can also request them from your neighbors.

Part Three, 3/3 - Collect Banana Peels from the trash can: Click trashcans and then 'Collect Banana Peels' five times, you can use any trash can.


Description: 'Add the hope, add the dreams... a little string will do. You'll need a lukewarm hot tub because the last ingredient is you.'
Ingredients Needed: Goodwill, Dreams 

Part Four, 1/2 - Place spell ingredients in a hot tub: Click hot tub (Check Bella's) then 'Add Special Ingredients'

Part  Four, 2/2 - Get inside hot tub: Click hot tub then 'Get Inside'.


Description: 'You think you won? Make no mistake I can hear it in your tone. I don't need you to hah stop the snow, I'll do it on my own!'
Ingredients Needed: Holiday Toasting Set

Part Five, 1/3 - Have the holiday toasting set: Click shop then buy the Holiday Toasting Set,(looks like bottles in ice). 

Part  Five, 2/3 - Ask Sims if they know any good jokes: Click Sims then 'Know Any Good Jokes?' three times. You need to do this with three different Sims.

Part  Five, 3/3 - Click Holiday Toasting Set and give a funny speech: Click a Holiday Toasting Set (try Bella's) and then 'Say Funny Speech' five times.

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